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In all countries of the world, events are organized daily and gather thousands of people. Promoting events implies advertising and communicating about them. If posters are widely known as traditional means of giving visibility to events, digital flyers have taken over and prove to be nowadays very powerful tools of publicizing events. On our platform, we sell flyers for all types of events. Discover here what the creation of flyers is about with Clubpsd!

1- Are you about to create a nice flyer for an event?

Having success in organizing an event is strictly linked to the communication methods that are set up around it. One of the most spread out tools that currently help advertise events proves to be flyers. In reality, a well-conceived flyer will inform the event-goers about the event’s details and incite them to participate. It’s then supposed to be made with a legible test in which the key test must have a high quality of visibility.

In an explicit and detailed way, the flyer has to include your event name, its date and time, your location/venue, ticket’s cost, and call to action (like “visit this site for saving your spot” or “buy tickets now”). Other important information you should include proves to be your website, handles or hashtags, and the tagline related to your event.

2- Customizing a ready-made flyer with Photoshop

After you buy a flyer from our platform, you have the possibility to customize it with Photoshop. Once you get your flyer from that site, you must get on with editing. Launch Adobe Photoshop first and click New or press Command+N (macOS) or Control+N (Windows).

Select a template or improve your choices by making a click on a category tab like Web or Print at the Window’s top. If you feel eager to follow, choose the Indie Rock Newspaper after clicking Print. Click afterward Download and click open when the template gets licensed. You’ll notice that the graphic design template will open in a new PSD format file and will give you the possibility to modify.

If the template can use Adobe Typekit fonts without the necessity you have them installed on your computer, you may see a Missing Fonts conversation box. Clicking “Resolve Fonts” will help you install automatically the Typekit font. The type of your template will then display as designed. You’ll have in the next step to change the font in order to suit your design.

The following step deals with the text’s customization. Choose the Type tool before triple-clicking the Indierock headline text for selecting the entire line. Thereafter, type a new title. You can change easily the size at the level of the Control Panel at your screen’s top.

Attempt to add a new font from the Typekit Library related to your Adobe Indesign Creative Cloud membership. Go to your text selected and click the Font menu at the level of the Control panel and click afterward Add fonts from Typekit. Select Bebas Neue or browse the vast variety of fonts. Click now Sync to add the chosen font to your computer. Get back to Photoshop and select in the Font menu the new font before changing your headline.

3- Templates for all types of events

Clubpsd offers several flyers templates for a lot of types of events. In case you need flyers templates for musical, seasonal, community or sport events, you can lean on our platform.

3.1- Music Flyers: Rap, Hip-Hop, DJ dance, Reggaeton

Known as an art as old as the world, music proves to have billions of fans all over the world. It’s in recognition of this reality that Clubpsd offers musical templates on its platform. Therefore, you do not need to worry when you feel eager to organize musical events.

Whether it is Rap, Hip-Hop, DJ dance or Reggaeton, Clubpsd provides you with flyers that are suitable for each of your events. All you’ll have to do will be to customize it by adding specific details related to your event, and that’s it. You’ll have the privilege to drive traffic towards your musical event by posting the flyer on a social media or other ad spaces.

3.2- Seasonal flyer: Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th July

Thanksgiving, Halloween and 4th July are events for which people of Western countries show much passion. When it comes to the time to celebrate any one of those events, you can rely on Clubpsd to have a suitable flyer. The process is very simple. Move to our homepage to buy the templates of your choice. They are made with various designs and are sold at very interesting costs. Each of the flyers is made with the right template and the images relating to the concerned event.

3.3- Community flyer: black, Latino, Asian

We offer community flyers to black, Latino and Asian people. Apart from the fact the flyers are conceived with beautiful Brochure Design PNG Images and attractive colors, they also marry the context at the level of each category of people. Once your community flyer is bought, you should add the time and date as well as the real topic related to the meeting. You also have the possibility to customize it by modifying the images, as it happens on HTML Photography website templates.

3.4- Sport Event: boxing, football, super bowl, bowling

Sport events are great moments that gather thousands of people. That’s the reason why it’s necessary to advertise such events with well-conceived flyers. Thanks to Clubpsd, you have the opportunity to buy exceptional flyers as far as football, boxing, bowling, and super bowling are concerned. For each event, you’ll have at your disposal a whole sample from which to make a choice. Using a flyer bought on will give you the chance to attract a significant number of people and make profit.

4- Download free templates as well

Clubpsd is not only set to provide sold flyers. It is also possible to proceed with downloading free templates at the level of the platform. Therefore, if you feel eager to have a template free of charge for your events, Clubpsd is the site that must be used. Once you’re on the website, you can download free templates according to your type of event.

Without spending anything at all, you’ll be able to promote events and touch your target. Most of the templates are well organized in layers and folders and have their main elements editable and customizable.

After downloading your free template on Clubpsd’s homepage, you then can modify things quickly and very easily, whether it’s the pictures, the color style or text. You’ll just need to be creative and eventually have some qualities of designer or illustrator to hold the perfect flyer for your event.

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